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A baby sleep consultant can help your baby sleep better.
Joanna is a certified baby sleep consultant

The Sleep Superstars Story

Sleep Superstars® was founded by Joanna, a mother of two young children and an ex-city lawyer turned certified baby sleep consultant. She decided to revolutionise the baby sleep industry to help parents access affordable, top-quality sleep advice for their children.

Like many parents, Joanna was juggling work with family life and struggled for years with her own children’s sleep problems. She ended up using expensive sleep consultants on multiple occasions.

Joanna is a certified baby sleep consultant

At one point, she compared two sleep plans for her children that she had been given on different occasions by a traditional sleep consultant. Joanna was being charged for specialist plans tailored to her children.

However, she noticed that the sleep support she was getting was not truly personalised after all – it had clearly come from a template, and quite a basic one at that! On each occasion that Joanna had used a sleep consultant, the process had ended up taking well over a week before she could even begin acting on the sleep advice.

Help your baby sleep better with Sleep Superstars

Joanna realised that what parents really needed was top quality sleep advice that was available straight away. Clearly there was a far better way to give parents this sleep advice at an affordable price.

Joanna set to work on her idea, qualifying as an advanced paediatric sleep consultant and drawing on her own experiences and extensive research. She was driven by a desire to make a real difference to exhausted parents who needed affordable sleep advice tailored specifically to their family’s needs.

Help your baby sleep better with Sleep Superstars
Sleep plans helps your baby sleep betterSleeping baby

Because parents need and deserve sleep

Sleep is an absolute necessity.

Every parent deserves a good night’s sleep. After all, being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world.  It is a privilege being a parent and it brings great love and joy, but it can also be gruelling and relentless.

How are parents to rise to the parenthood challenge on insufficient sleep?

How can parents function during the day if they are constantly on the go during the evenings and nights?

How can parents be the best version of themselves if they are chronically exhausted or stressed as a result of a lack of sleep?

Sleeping baby

It is clear that if families are to thrive, everyone needs to sleep well first. This is where Sleep Superstars can help you and your family.

Superstar quality

Joanna created and rigorously tested her Sleep Welfare Packages. Her aim was to create the very best – clear, thorough and comprehensive packages – that could help all parents improve their child’s sleep. She aimed to create the type of sleep advice that was far better than what she had received from those expensive sleep consultants she’d used in the past.

Sleep Superstars helps families thrive by providing personalised sleep plans.

Joanna was confident that she could help children become Superstars at night. That’s why she came up with the name ‘Sleep Superstars’.

Sleep Superstars helps families thrive by providing personalised sleep plans.

Why we’re different

Sleep Superstars is here to guide and support you every step of the way through our Sleep Support Hub.
Sleep Superstars has a vision. A vision to help parents get the sleep they need and deserve by improving their children’s sleep. A vision to enable families to thrive.

But sometimes there is just too much information on the internet that we simply can’t digest. There are too many books to trawl through. And then there are sleep consultants offering sleep packages or courses that are full of irrelevant information to your situation.

Quite frankly,
parents don’t have the time for this!

How can a parent who is already exhausted be expected to sift through everything and know what to do? That’s where Sleep Superstars comes in.

Instead, all you need to do is choose and pay for your package, complete our online questionnaire and you’ll get instant access to your sleep welfare package.  This includes a comprehensive sleep plan and resource pack tailored both to your child and your parenting preferences.

Sleep Superstars helps families thrive by providing personlised baby sleep plans.
Sleep Superstars helps families get the sleep they need to thrive by providing sleep plans tailored to your child and your parental preferences.

Instant support
every step of the way

Sleep Superstars helps families get the sleep they need to thrive by providing sleep plans tailored to your child and your parental preferences.

We have also created the Sleep Support Hub so that we can guide and support you every step of the way as you work to improve your child’s sleep.

The Sleep Support Hub is a one-of-a-kind resource where you can access extra tools and information and get answers to all your child’s sleep problems. You will no longer need to trawl the internet in search of answers. Instead, you’ll have instant online access to everything you could possibly need.

So, how do we do it?

Our concept and aim was to provide high quality, tailored advice at an affordable price that you could access straight away. To achieve this, Joanna spent a great deal of time painstakingly perfecting and testing all different combinations of her Sleep Welfare Packages with parents and their children.

Sleep Superstars ensures that parents only receive the information relevant to their child and their preferences, based on the results of our online questionnaire. This means that when you purchase a Sleep Welfare Package, you will only get the information that is relevant to your family.

The super technology behind our website ensures that you can instantly access your package on purchase. So you can start tonight!

We give back

We believe in giving back to society.

We are committed to donating a percentage of our profits to charitable causes.  So when you buy a Sleep Plan you will be supporting others in need.

Happy children getting the sleep they need thanks to Sleep Superstars baby sleep plan packages.

Why wait?

Help your child become a Sleep Superstar tonight!

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