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  • Safia Rana-Jaswal

Safia Rana-Jaswal, founder of The Mum Hub, explains why supporting mums is even more important today than it ever was

Safia is first of all a mum to three precious children as well as founder of The Mum Hub and also commercial director for a global media broadcasting company which she owns with her husband. 

Safia Rana-Jaswal, founder of The Mum Hub

The Mum Hub (TMH) was set up with the sole purpose of creating a safe, non-judgmental environment for mums and mums-to-be to come and share experiences and gain knowledge at our TMH Brunches. At each brunch, a guest speaker is invited to share their expertise in a range of areas of interest to our mums. These include topics such as: identity and how it changes after becoming a parent; how to support mental health and wellbeing; and how our relationships change after having children.

Safia explains the importance of supporting mums through the parenthood journey and how TMH has helped offer invaluable support to mothers across the south London area.

Why every mum needs a village 

Mums were never made to raise babies alone. Let’s think back to our own mother, grandmothers and great grandmothers. They had a village of support around them – not just for baby – but for them too.   The reality for so many of us now, is the constant struggle to achieve a work-life balance without sufficient support in place, much to the detriment of our own sanity and often our relationships with friends and even sometimes our partner.

Challenging situations for mums

Many mums automatically assume sole parental responsibility.  I accept this is a broad sweeping statement and by no means the case for all families.  However, for many, mothers put themselves “in charge” of the family sphere. Which baby classes are best? How should we wean our baby? School administration, play dates, birthday parties. I know I’ve done it and arguably still do.   Tackle all this with family living far away, a lack of sleep or even solo parenting and it’s little surprise that mums can end up with a very anxious state of mind.  It’s no wonder that our mental health today is worse than it ever was.

Supporting other mums

Supporting new mums is crucial for their mental health and wellbeing

We have heard it many times before, but mums are the hub of the family. However, mothers still have the right to support, time alone and even to have a good old moan! Checking in on one another is the best way to start. Ask how their day was. What you can do to help? Approach the new mum standing alone at the nursery or school gates. 

And joining mum and baby classes are a good way to meet mums too. But they are just that – something for mum and baby together as a unit. But what about you?

How to create a support network

Taking the first step is often the hardest.  It’s easy to talk ourselves out of doing something and forget all the reasons why we should. 

Why we shouldn’t go to that baby class, why we can’t exercise, why we can’t make that coffee morning, why we can’t make ourself a decent meal because we have 27 other things to do that day. But what would happen if you did these things? 

Maybe you would be more patient? Maybe you would have something new and interesting to talk about with your partner? Maybe you would come away with some lovely friends who are going through similar challenges, maybe you would feel better for nourishing your body with what it needs. 

Our events are a great place to start as they put mums at the forefront.  But whatever you do, and however little, commit to doing something today and make it about you. 

More about TMH

The Mum Hub baby sleep workshop with Sleep Superstars

Our past events have included: how your identity changes after becoming a mum and how to support your mental health and wellbeing. 

We have big plans for 2022! We’ve already held our baby sleep workshop with Sleep Superstars, and have upcoming brunches with themes including self love, mum burn out and relationships and how they change after having children. We also hold regular paediatric first aid brunches. 

All events are displayed on our website and our instagram has a whole library of IG lives to raise awareness around interesting and complex subjects.


Safia Rana-Jaswal
The Mum Hub was founded by mum of three, Safia, after struggling to find her own identity when becoming a mum. She faced significant struggles with the constant feeling of not doing enough, feeling judged and burning herself out. In response to this, she created The Mum Hub in 2021. TMH host brunches with a twist - specifically tailored to mums and to support their mental health. What makes TMH unique is that each event has a guest speaker discussing a topic that affects mums every day, even where they carry a social stigma or are difficult to discuss. Safia hopes to give mums confidence when facing testing times, by equipping them with knowledge, knowing that there are always choices available for them and most importantly, realising that they are not alone.