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  • Joanna Shtrosberg

We all love a bit of summer sun but it can play havoc on your baby’s sleep. Your baby’s bedroom may get too hot and they may struggle to settle to sleep. A drop in body temperature at bedtime actually helps us fall asleep more easily, so what can you do to help your baby sleep during a heatwave?


During a heatwave, your child’s bedroom is unlikely to be under 20°C so you will need to consider dressing your child in lighter nightwear. Choose breathable natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo and be sure to keep their feet uncovered which helps the body release heat more effectively. In very warm weather, your baby or young child may be better off in just their nappy.

Keep a baby in thin clothing or even just with a nappy during hot weather

When considering what bedding to use during a heatwave, all your child may need is a thin muslin as a blanket. You can also find very thin muslin sleep bags which can be a good option on those warm nights. Slumbersac offer very light 0.2 tog muslin sleep bags or 0.5 tog sleep bags with feet openings for very hot nights.

Remember though that temperatures do drop at night and you will want to avoid your child waking because they get cold. Check the weather forecast and, if necessary, add an extra lightweight blanket before you go to bed.

Windows open, curtains shut

During a summer heatwave the sun may shine directly into your child’s bedroom. I would recommend you open the windows in the morning whilst keeping the curtains or blinds closed (particularly in the afternoon). This will allow the cooler morning air to aerate your child’s bedroom whilst keeping out the heat from the afternoon sun.

Cool the room

Even if you close the curtains and open the windows, your child’s room may still be hot and stuffy. So, a fan can be a good option to cool your child at bedtime and circulate the air. Just remember to make sure that your fan is suitably safe for use in a child’s bedroom. It is best to angle the fan so as not to directly aim it at your child.

Offer plenty of fluids

Give your baby plenty of fluids during hot weather

For young babies under 6 months, offer your baby milk to ensure they don’t get dehydrated. Babies over 6 months can have a cool cup of water at bedtime and if they wake during the night as it is likely that they may wake from thirst rather than hunger during a heatwave. Drinking water helps to cool the body, make your child feel more comfortable and avoids your child getting dehydrated.

I hope this helps improve your child’s sleep this summer. And of course, if you need more bedtime support, Sleep Superstars is here for you and your family. We look at sleep holistically and provide sleep welfare packages for a fraction of the cost of a traditional baby sleep consultant. Our packages include a sleep plan and resource pack that is specifically tailored to your child and your preferences. To find out how it works see here or read our testimonials.

Joanna Shtrosberg
Joanna is a certified level 6 holistic sleep consultant and founder of Sleep Superstars. Her vision is to help parents navigate the challenges of parenthood by helping them and their children get the sleep they need. Before setting up Sleep Superstars, Joanna graduated from Cambridge University and the College of Law after which she practised in the legal profession for several years. She is also a mother to two young boys so fully understands the difficulties in balancing a career with family life.