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How we help your baby sleep

Help your child sleep through the night in three simple steps:

  1. help your baby sleep

    1. We do the hard work

    We research and create relevant, evidence-based advice on baby sleep welfare. We look at sleep holistically and keep up-to-date with the latest safety guidelines and academic paediatric sleep literature.
  2. how it works

    2. You tell us about your family

    After selecting and paying for your package, you complete an online questionnaire so that we can find out about your child's sleep issues and discover your parenting preferences.
  3. 3. Instant access

    We draw together only the material that's relevant to you in a user-friendly, personalised package so that you get instant access to a sleep plan and resource pack that is tailored to your child's needs.

We pride ourselves on making expert sleep advice
affordable and accessible to every parent.

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Meet some of our Sleep Superstars

Toddler learnt how to fall asleep without needing to feed.
Toddler learnt how to sleep through the night without waking up.
Baby Isabelle has energy to play during the day as she has learnt to self settle at night.
Layla’s mum
The sleep method was excellently explained and was a very gentle approach to sleep training. Sleep Superstars has literally saved my sanity…thank you so much!!!
Annabelle’s mum
I never thought Annabelle would be able to go to sleep by herself without me even in the room - but it’s happened! We are all functioning so much better in the day now we have had more sleep and I feel we can be better parents for it.
Rufus' mum
The Sleep Package worked so well. I’ve already recommended it to my friends and family.
Evie's mum
It has changed my life and worked exactly as the detailed plan predicted. I feel more sane and in control.
Isabelle's mum
It surprised me how quick and effective it has been. It’s amazing really.
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