Sleeping child. Rested parents. Thriving family.
Find out how Annabelle learnt to sleep through the night

Annabelle’s story

Meet Annabelle.

  • Annabelle is 15 months old.
    Annabelle’s mum or dad had to feed or rock her to sleep every night.

    But then she would wake up several times during the night needing her parents to help her get back to sleep by rocking, cuddling or feeding. Sometimes she would wake multiple times and for long stretches of up to 2 or 3 hours!

    Annabelle’s parents were exhausted from all the night-time wake ups and were desperate for a long stretch of sleep.

    Annabelle is one of our Sleep Superstars who learn to sleep through the night.
  • Then, Annabelle’s parents started the Superstar Sleep Welfare Package.

    Within a week, Annabelle had learnt how to settle herself to sleep in her cot and was waking up far less often during the night.

    A couple of weeks later and the whole family were getting much more sleep.

    Now, it only takes Annabelle around 10-15 minutes to fall asleep at bedtime and she sleeps through until morning almost every single night!

    Annabelle’s mum and dad get to spend time together in the evenings and the whole family now get the sleep they need at night.

    Anabelle sleeping through the night using our Superstar Sleep Plan.
Annabelle has energy during the day now that she has learnt to sleep through the night.
Annabelle’s mum

I never thought Annabelle would be able to go to sleep by herself without me even in the room but it’s happened!

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