Sleeping child. Rested parents. Thriving family.
Baby sleep superstars tought Toddler how to transition from co-sleeping in her parents' bed to sleeping in her own cot.

Evie’s Story

Meet Evie.

  • Evie is 19 months old.
    Evie used to co-sleep in her parent’s bed.
    It took Evie around 3 hours to fall asleep in her parent’s bed every night next to her mum.

    Evie’s parents were exhausted. Since she was born, they had never had an evening to themselves.

    Evie’s mum never got to spend any time with Evie’s older brother either.

    Life was tough.

    Sleep Superstar Evie learnt how to transition from co-sleeping to independent sleeping.
  • Then, Evie’s parents started the Superstar Sleep Welfare Package.

    Within 1 night, Evie was sleeping in her cot in her own room and slept through the night on her own for the very first time.

    Within 2 weeks Evie’s family had totally changed.

    Evie now goes to sleep independently every night and sleeps through the night consistently.

    Evie’s mum and dad get to spend time together in the evenings.

    Evie’s mum can spend quality time with Evie’s brother at bedtime too.

    The whole family now gets the sleep they need to be a thriving family.

    Sleep Superstars has helped Evie and her family sleep better so that the whole family can thrive.
Sleep Superstars helped Evie learn how to transition from co-sleeping to independent sleeping.
Evie’s mum

It has changed my life and worked exactly as the detailed plan predicted. I feel more sane and in control.

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