Sleeping child. Rested parents. Thriving family.
Baby Isabelle has energy to play during the day as she has learnt to self settle at night.

Isabelle’s story

Meet Isabelle.

  • Isabelle is 17 months old.
    Isabelle could only fall asleep being rocked to sleep by her parents.

    Isabelle used to wake up 3-4 times every night and it usually took at least 30 minutes and sometimes up to 2 hours to get her back to sleep.

    Isabelle’s parents were exhausted and desperate for things to change but they hated to hear Isabelle cry.

    Isabelle has learnt to sleep well at night and now has energy during the day.
  • Then, Isabelle’s parents started the Superstar Sleep Welfare Package.

    Within 1 night, Isabelle was already sleeping better.

    Within 1 week, everything had changed.

    Isabelle now goes to sleep independently every night and sleeps through the night consistently.

    On the rare occasion that she does wake in the night, she resettles herself and doesn’t cry for her parents.

    She now naps in her cot without any fuss.

    The whole family gets the rest they need to be a thriving family.

    Toddler learnt how to fall asleep independently at night.
Isabelle and her family are thriving now that the how family is sleeping better at night.
Isabelle’s mum

It surprised me how quick and effective it has been. It’s amazing really.

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