Sleeping child. Rested parents. Thriving family.
Layla learnt how to sleep better once she dropped her feed to sleep habit.

Layla’s story

Meet Layla

  • Layla is 14 months old.
    Layla’s mum had to feed her to sleep every night.
    But she would wake up frequently – needing to feed again or be held and rocked to get back to sleep.
    Sometimes she could be up for 2 hours during each night-time awakening.

    Layla’s parents felt exhausted and depleted from the constant lack of sleep which was even worse now that Layla’s mum had recently gone back to work.

    The whole family were desperate for a proper night’s sleep.

    Toddler learnt how to fall asleep without needing to feed.
  • Then, Layla’s parents started the Superstar Sleep Welfare Package.

    Within a couple of days, Layla was falling asleep without feeding and had learnt how to settle herself to sleep in her cot without needing her mum to hold or touch her. She also stopped waking up during the night.

    Within a week, Layla could fall asleep independently without her parents in the room and was sleeping through the night.

    Layla’s mum and dad are finally getting the sleep they need to function during the day – everyone is well rested and so much happier!

    Layla sleeping without needing to feed to sleep.
Layla is thriving in the day now that she is sleeping well at night.
Layla’s mum

Sleep Superstars has literally saved my sanity…thank you so much!!!

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