Sleeping child. Rested parents. Thriving family.

Rufus' story

Meet Rufus.

  • Rufus is 19 months old.
    Rufus is the youngest of 3 children.
    Rufus could only fall asleep with the bottle.

    Rufus would wake up during the night screaming until his mum or dad brought him to their bed.

    The whole family was exhausted as no one slept properly.

    Rufus has learnt to sleep at night after his parents started a Superstar Sleep Plan.
  • Then, Rufus’ parents started the Superstar Sleep Welfare Package.

    Within 5 days Rufus was going to sleep independently every evening and no longer waking up during the night.

    Rufus got the sleep he needed.

    Rufus’ mum and dad finally got the undisturbed sleep they deserved.

    Rufus and his family are now thriving.

    Toddler learnt how to fall asleep independently and not wake in the night.
Rufus and his family are all sleeping at night thanks to Baby Sleep Superstars
Rufus’ story

The Sleep Package was brilliant…within 5 days Rufus wasn’t waking up in the night anymore.

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